Ambassador “Lin Shan” held an independent event.

Held at Hankyu Umeda Main Store! Interact with fans at the catwalk show & talk show.Lin Shan (Mizuki), a cheerleader who has attracted attention in the professional baseball world in Taiwan, participated in a catwalk show and talk show at Hankyu Umeda in Osaka on March 15 as her first solo event in Japan as a CPG GOLF brand ambassador. Wearing the new "CPG GOLF" brand's new wear, she entertained fans by showing various expressions.

When asked about Japan…

The air is clean and the atmosphere is pleasant and comfortable," he said with a smile.

Lin Shan is polite and smiling when interviewed.

Lin Shan came to Japan in February this year as a cheerleader for the Rakuten Monkeys and performed in a practice game against Lotte on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, attracting attention as a "Taiwanese goddess. She also attracted attention as Taiwan's representative cheerleader in the WBC this March.


阪急うめだ本店でCPG GOLF期間限定ポップアップストアにも足を運び…

Full name: Lin Xiang, English name Mizuki
Date of birth : September 5, 1997
Height and weight : 160 cm / 45 kg
Three sizes : 65F / W58.4 / H83.8
Birthplace : Taipei, Republic of China
Language : Chinese / Taiwanese
Special ability : Dancing / MC
Hobby : Drawing / Air yoga / Diving
Instagram : @95_mizuki https://www.instagram.com/95_mizuki/

A popular cheerleader of the Rakuten Girls, the exclusive cheerleading squad of the Rakuten Monkeys, a professional baseball team in Taiwan, she has a total of 2.7 million followers on social networking sites.
In 2023, she will become an ambassador for other fields such as light jewelry, body soap, drinks, and games.She is also the first Taiwanese celebrity to participate in Tokyo Fashion Weekly.He is currently the co-host of various Taiwanese TV stations and online programs, and is the new darling of the fashion world with five regular programs.

The brand debuted in 2021 under the concept of "STANDOUT GOLF," which means "outstanding" and "distinguished.The brand expresses a sense of luxury through the pursuit of innovative design, high-quality materials, and high functionality. The brand will embody "STYLE IS EVERYTHING" with its one-of-a-kind presence.