Concluded a wear contract with professional golfer Rika Inoue.

CPG GOLF" has concluded a clothing contract with professional golfer Rika Inoue. This is the second year that we have signed a sponsorship contract with Inoue, following last year. We will continue to support the activities of Inoue, who is expected to play an even more active role in the future.

While practicing for her upcoming tour appearance, she also gives lessons and appears in golf media to convey the appeal of golf. She also collaborates with female professionals on videos such as "Ibaraki-ben (Ibaraki dialect) rounds".

Rika Inoue: "I am very honored to be contracted by CPG again this year. Last season, CPG changed their apparel and it was very well received by fans and people around me, and I look forward to wearing CPG's clothes when I play. My personal favorite point is the simple but never boring design, which is sporty but also cute and feminine. We are planning to release more great clothes in the future, including collaboration wear, so we would like everyone to try our apparel. We hope to do even better this season with CPG's clothing.

Name: Rika Inoue
Date of birth: November 24, 1993
Place of birth: Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture
School: Iwase Nihon University High School
Height: 163cm
Strength clubs: Iron, Putter

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