Concluded a wear contract with professional golfer Hikaru Yoshimoto.

CPG GOLF" has concluded a clothing contract with professional golfer Hikaru Yoshimoto. Yoshimoto is the sixth player to join the CPG GOLF team. We will continue to support Hikaru Yoshimoto's activities this season, especially on the regular tour, where further success is expected.

One of the golden generation whirlwind. Hikaru Yoshimoto, a notable female professional golfer, has joined the CPG GOLF team this season.

Hikaru Yoshimoto: I have been wearing CPG Golf's clothing since this season! The material is good and comfortable to wear, and the high functionality makes it easy to move around! I am looking forward to the start of the season! I am looking forward to the start of the season! I will do my best to achieve my first win on the regular tour with CPG Golf.

Name: Hikaru Yoshimoto
Date of birth: February 25, 1999
Place of birth:Shiga Prefecture
High school: Shiga Junior College High School
Height: 152cm
Hobby: Movies, LIVE
Favorite color: Light blue


FY2023 QT Ranking 28th
<JLPGA Regular Tour Results
2022 Bridgestone Ladies Golf Tied for 23rd
2022 Richard Mille Yonex Ladies Tied for 24th
2022 Earth Mondamin Cup Tied for 19th
2022 Nippon Ham Classic Tied for 34th
2022 Daito Kenko Ii Room Net Ladies Tied for 29th
2022 Hokkaido Meiji Cup Tie for 29th
2022 NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament Tie for 2nd
2022 Nitori Ladies Tied for 13th
2022 Golf5 Ladies Pro Golf Tournament Tie for 22nd
2022 NOBUTA Masters GC Ladies Tied for 25th
<JLPGA Step Up Tour Results
2016 Route Inn Cup Ueda Maruko Granviglio Ladies Winner
*Amateur age
2017 Japan-Taiwan Exchange Udon Ladies Winner

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