Signed a clothing contract with professional golfer Yuko Sakanoshita.

CPG GOLF" has concluded a clothing contract with professional golfer Yuko Sakanoshita. Sakanoshita is the fifth player to join the "CPG GOLF" team. We will continue to support the activities of Sakanoshita, who is expected to be even more active in the future.

19 years old won her first tournament Monday and won the Frisky Women's Open Best Amateur.
At age 23, passed the professional test and placed 7th. Tied for 19th at Ito En Ladies, 14th at ANA Princess Cup. Rasinck Ningenia.RKB Ladies 11th, etc.

Yuko Sakanoshita: "I am very happy to have signed a contract with CPGGOLF. I am very happy to be able to wear stylish, cute and functional wear. The nice clothes will motivate me, so please pay attention to both my play and my clothes."

Name: Yuko Sakanoshita
Date of birth: April 3, 1982
Place of birth: Nara, Japan
School: Mie Prefectural Hisai High School
Height: 166cm
Strength Club:Driver
Hobbies: Listening to music, nail art, shopping

Instagram:@yukiko_s0403 https://www.instagram.com/yukiko_s0403/

About CPG GOLF: CPG GOLF debuted in 2021 under the concept of "STANDOUT GOLF," which means "outstanding" or "distinguished. The brand expresses a sense of luxury by pursuing innovative design, high quality materials and high functionality. The brand will embody "STYLE IS EVERYTHING" with its one-of-a-kind presence.