Concluded a wear contract with professional golfer Natsumi Sakuma.

CPG GOLF" has concluded a clothing contract with professional golfer Natsumi Sakuma. Sakuma is the fourth player to join the "CPG GOLF" team. We will continue to support her activities as she is expected to play an even more active role in the future.

Influenced by his sister who is 4 years older than him, he started following her to the driving range when he was around 8 years old and watching her practice. After entering a local junior high school, he spent his days practicing and training after school to improve his skills, and in high school, he entered Meishu Gakuen Hitachi High School, which had just established a golf club. This season, he aims to pass the professional golf test, a long-cherished dream of his.

Natsumi Sakuma, a promising young female golfer who has won the "Golf Survival (BS Nittele)," a program featuring many young female golfers who are expected to be future star candidates, the "Shirokanedai Girls Golf Club," which features many strong, cute, and strong female golfers, and the "Mynavi Next Heroine Tour," among others, has now Natsumi Sakuma has joined the CPG GOLF team this season. Please keep an eye on her performance.Natsumi Sakuma: I have signed a clothing contract with CPG GOLF starting this year. I am very much looking forward to playing golf wearing fashionable wear that is cute, cool, and easy to wear. I will do my best to make more people know about "CPG GOLF" because the clothes can be used not only in the golf scene but also in everyday life.

Name: Natsumi Sakuma
Date of birth: July 30, 1999
Place of birth: Ibaraki, Japan
School: Meishu Gakuen Hitachi High School
Height: 152cm
Affiliation: Delightworks
Strength club:Fairway wood
Hobby:Listening to music


About CPG GOLF: CPG GOLF debuted in 2021 under the concept of "STANDOUT GOLF," which means "outstanding" or "distinguished.The brand expresses a sense of luxury by pursuing innovative design, high quality materials and high functionality. The brand will embody "STYLE IS EVERYTHING" with its one-of-a-kind presence.