Signed an affiliation agreement with amateur golfer Nana

CPG GOLF" has signed an affiliation agreement with amateur golfer Nana. This is the second year that CPG GOLF has signed an affiliation contract with Nana, following last year. We will continue to support Nana's activities, as we expect her to be even more successful in the future.

Nana began playing golf at the age of 15 under the guidance of her father, and from junior high school on, she was aware that she wanted to become a professional golfer, and went on to Tohoku High School, which has produced famous players such as Ai Miyazato and Chie Arimura. After graduation, he joined a golf course as a trainee to become a professional golfer, but gave up on his goal of becoming a professional after his third professional test. However, she resumed playing golf in 2021, which led her to compete in and win the Japan Mid-Amateur. She is a female golfer with high expectations for her future success.

Nana: "I am honored to be contracted by NO TWO Inc. I am very happy to receive your support despite being an amateur golfer. As an amateur golfer, I will do my best to bring a new breeze to the game!"

Name: Nana 

Date of birth: June 17, 1994 

Place of birth:Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture 

School:Tohoku Gakko 

Height: 165cm 

Golf History: Since 15 years old 

Hobby: Sauna 

Favorite player: Ai Miyazato


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