Lin Shan” was appointed as the first brand ambassador.

(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroshi Yoshida) is pleased to announce the appointment of Taiwanese model and multi-talented actress "Lin Xiang" as the brand's first ambassador.

CPG GOLF (CPG GOLF) announces Asian star Lin Siang as the brand's first ambassador." As CPG GOLF's first brand ambassador, Lin Siang represents a dynamic yet sophisticated on- and off-pitch style. With an eye on overseas expansion, CPG GOLF will continue to bring out the borderless, athletic beauty appeal of "Lin Shan" that transcends national borders and communicate the appeal of golf to the entire world. Don't miss CPG GOLF as expressed by the new brand ambassador "Ling Shan"!

Ambassador's Comments: I am very happy and honored to be appointed as an ambassador for C P G Golf 2023. I used to watch the sport of golf on TV dramas. I have always been interested in the sport, and my friends around me have also started playing golf, and I have always wanted to try it someday. For this shoot, I picked up a golf club for the first time in my life. When I made a putt on the green, the staff said to me, "You have the qualities! You're good!" I was praised by the staff. I would like to take this opportunity to start learning golf.
Let's all enjoy golf together.

Full name: Lin Xiang, English name Mizuki
Date of birth : September 5, 1997
Height and weight : 160 cm / 45 kg
Three sizes : 65F / W58.4 / H83.8
Birthplace : Taipei, Republic of China
Language : Chinese / Taiwanese
Special ability : Dancing / MC
Hobby : Drawing / Air yoga / Diving


She has been a gravure idol since the age of 16 and is a member of the cheerleaders of Taiwan's professional baseball team.
S N S total followers are about 2.7 million, and in 2023 she became an ambassador in other fields such as light jewelry, body soap, drinks and games, and was the first Taiwanese celebrity to participate in Tokyo Fashion Weekly. He is currently a co-host of various Taiwanese TV stations and online programs, has five regular programs, and has become the new darling of the fashion world.

About CPG GOLF: CPG GOLF debuted in 2021 under the concept of "STANDOUT GOLF," which means "outstanding" or "distinguished. The brand expresses a sense of luxury by pursuing innovative design, high quality materials and high functionality. The brand will embody "STYLE IS EVERYTHING" with its one-of-a-kind presence.